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Poly-Pro Twill from Webster Fabric is the lettering fabric for today's professional teams. It has been the sport garment industry's proven standard of excellence for more than 25 years. Poly-Pro Twill is made in the U.S.A. and used by all major uniform manufacturers and leading lettering manufacturing companies.  

1. A smooth, high-gloss tight weave provides abrasion resistance and resists unraveling.
2. Guaranteed Shrink-free with wash-fast color continuity  that neither fades nor runs!
3. Nine ounces per square yard (the toughest twill available for lettering) provides superior fabric strength.
4. Multiple adhesive coatings prevent unraveling when die-cutting.
5. Heat-seal adhesive lubricates sewing needle preventing stitch skipping and thread breakage.
6. Lettering is easily removed or modified without garment staining.
7. Adhesion holds tight over a wide range of temperature applications - from 250°F to 340°F.